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Contact:, (MSN messanger)
Birthdate: June 2, 1985
Height: Around 5'4"
Interests: Too many crafts to count
Began drawing: Can't remember how early
Began comicing: Freshman year, High School
Further Things:
     Don't have much to say for now.

Further People:
     Though they aren't helping aside from moral support now, the comic was originally the brainchild of four distinct young women. Myself, Tsi(C), A-cha(H), Aya-Athena(A), and Ess(S), and we called ourselves 'CHAS' by the beginnings of our real names and our phonetic nick-names. Not so mysterious now, is it? Along the way people lost interest, creativity, and ideas, and I plugged along, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes barely at all. But that simmering back burner lead to what the comic is now, so I must thank them and give them a little bit of due credit.

More Gravy:
     For a while my Husband and I hosted a website called "CHAOS-Space", as the 'O' was added to CHAS because of his online name, Oriden. He has ocassionally worked on a Novel and written poetry, but in general he is simply an amazing, computer savy person. The website was allowed to die due to fund issues and a lack of updates, and I moved back to Keensapce (now Comic Genesis). And that's the rest of the story.

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