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(in order of appearance in the comic)
Mish is a rather conservative person with a certain idea of how things should "be", partially because of his upbringing and partially because of having to live in such a large house amongst so many siblings. This idea is about to be blow wide open, however...
Lyn lives in the loft of the house, and is Mi Shen's sister, and enjoys caling him Mish despite his dislike of the nickname. She is cheerful, flirty, and somewhat naieve. Don't let her sleepy-attitude fool you. She's really quite nice during the day.
She claims to be "The Night's Watcher," a reknown vigilante of the bay area, but Mish doesn't believe her. Despite this, she's already shown herself to be an accomplished gravity User. But how exactly DOES she know of Mi Shen?
Corqren is a runner and a supergb mathematician. He's also a bit younger, shorter, and scrawnier then the rest of his adopted family, but he makes up for it in speed. This is good, because Ax gets angry at him and chases him quite often.
Ax is just kind of... normal. He is a bit slow to speak, though, and invariably puts his foot in his mouth quite often. He's a bit energetic, but can easily be overshadowed by about everyone else in the group.
Eddy is .... well... Eddy. He's upbeat, usually happy, flirtacious, and a good fashion sense. He also knows almost anyone of any interest in the school, male or female.
Matt has issues. But you'll find out about those eventually. He's usually rather accepting and somber, and he likes to wear black. And if not black, as dark a color as he can. He works on cars for a living, and his bosses can never figure out how he gets done so fast.
There all manner of people are waiting to show up in the comic still!

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